Commercial Property Damage

When a property loss has occurred, the adjusting process is the key to a fair settlement for all involved parties. The main role of an independent, property claims adjusting professional is to determine the facts of a case and then negotiate a fair settlement for the insurance company, the insured or claimant. This includes person property damaged by commercial loss.

Property claims have many moving parts and can be complex. You need trained professionals with a detailed understanding of the various processes and parties involved. At Basset Claims, we use the best claims adjusting professionals in the industry. You can count on us to be your on stop solution for all your commercial property needs including storm, fire, flood, theft, and more.

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For over two decades, the dedicated claim adjusters at Basset Claims have been providing the best adjusting and appraisal services that the industry has to offer. We are proud of the outstanding reputation that we have earned over the years with our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can exceed your expectations with best-in-class commercial property appraisals.
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